I suppose one of the more vital things missing from my blog is an actual introduction about who I am.

My name is Guillaume VanderEst.  I’m a computer programmer, fitness enthusiast, and experienced entrepreneur.

This blog has been an on-and-off project, like most blogs are, to make myself seem more like a cool entrepreneur who knows what he’s doing, but really.. That would be lying.  I’m currently listening to the podcast at Fizzle on Finding Your Voice, which spurred this post, and everything that they’re saying is causing the self-realization that I have been primarily bullshitting and just need to be real.  I need to be me and “find my voice.”

I’m currently running a business called Exodus Media and it has some very good clients, but the income is not currently clearing the outgoing dollars and I’m slowly heading in a financial downward spiral… Why is this?

It’s because I’ve been lying to myself… and it’s only recently that I’ve become humbled by my situation and am being realistic to both myself and those around me.

Now’s the part that matters to me:  What am I going to do about it?

That sounds to me like another blog post that I need to write.


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